Peter Wilson speaking at Oklahoma Baptist University

President Peter Wilson Speaks at Oklahoma Baptist University

Walnut Creek, CA (April 16, 2019) – Peter Wilson, President of PTLA Real Estate Group, spoke to students majoring in Business at Oklahoma Baptist University last week at its Spring Business Forum.

Wilson discussed how to spot open doors in their career and how to prepare for opportunity. “An open door is an opportunity that is not expected and most likely is out of your comfort zone,” Wilson said to students during the presentation.

Speaking of what it was like to return to his alma mater to share his experiences with students, Wilson said, “It’s incredible to come back and see so many students sitting where I sat, with opportunity right in front of them, and to realize that I might nudge them in the right direction. There are so many talented students at OBU, and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish.”

Peter Wilson graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University in 2009, going on to work in sales and market analysis before coming to PTLA Real Estate Group as a Real Estate Analyst in 2011. Peter became President of PTLA Real Estate Group in 2018.

To read the press release from Oklahoma Baptist University, click here. To watch the full presentation, click here.


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